The FJD RM21 Robotic Mower is the perfect solution for professional lawn care providers who demand efficiency and reliability. Designed for multiple scenarios, including sports fields and orchards, the RM Series features an intelligent control system, pure electric drive, and a large-capacity battery to maximize mowing efficiency, save time, effort, and cost. The pure electric design eliminates oil leaks and grass damage.

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With centimeter-level positioning accuracy, our mowers can precisely cut grass, reducing the need for overlap or missed areas. 


Uses LiDAR to detect surrounding obstacles without blind spots, with three distance modes to choose from,
ensuring safety.


Collision bumpers for an additional level of safety and peace of mind

Rain Sensor

Rain monitoring ensures the mower only works when conditions are right


4kWh of batteries provide plenty of power to get the job done.

Mower Deck

25 inch (63cm) electric drive mower deck allows easy coverage of large areas

Multi Field Management

The RM21 can be used to mow multiple fields in a single task. This saves time and effort, making it easier to manage your property.

Automatic mowing on complex terrain

LiDAR technology is used to create a 3D cloud point map of the terrain. This allows the RM21 to safely mow incomplex areas, such as under trees or around obstacles.

Smart Route Planning

RM21 mowers use built-in obstacle avoidance to automatically plan mowing routes. This helps to prevent collisions and damage, making mowing safer and easier.

FJD RM21 Specifications

Weight (with 2 Batteries)170kg
Dimensions (mm)L1330 x W857 x H1012
Cutting Height0.8 - 5 inches / 20-127mm
Cutting Width25 inches / 63cm
Battery Capacity4kWh (2x 2kWh)
Battery Voltage48V DC
Charging Time5 Hours
Ground Speed0-6 km/Hr
Max Operation Area (3 days)22 Acres / 90000 m2
Max Operation Area (per charge)3.2 Acres / 13000 m2
Average Working Time5 Hours
Maximum Gradeability20 Degrees
IP RatingIPX4


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