Fleet Tracking

Fleet tracking leverages advanced GPS and sensor technologies to monitor and manage vehicles and machinery in real time. This system enhances operational efficiency by providing precise location data, compliance data, and ensuring timely maintenance. Businesses can prevent equipment theft, and improve overall productivity by having comprehensive insights into their fleet’s performance and utilisation.

Trackbox TB2 Hardware

The Trackbox TB2 hardware is engineered for long-term operation and reliability. All hardware comes with a 24-month warranty. We ensure that all new add-on hardware is compatible with our existing tracking systems, allowing you to easily add additional functionality modules as needed.

True Path Tracking - Every Second, not Every Minute

Ensure success with TruePath Tracking. Collect actionable vehicle data that empowers your business to maximize efficiencies, increase productivity, improve driver safety, and gain a competitive advantage.

TruePath Tracking provides a precise, continuous flow of data with no gaps to know the exact path taken to:

  • Assess Fleet Efficiency: Pinpoint vehicle movements accurately.
  • Mitigate Risk: Replay journeys second by second if something goes wrong.
  • Monitor Driver Behavior: Advanced monitoring and reporting provide actionable data to keep your drivers safe.